There are many SEO techniques that can elevate your website’s search result page ranking. By being diligent and applying many methods, you will improve the chances of your site sliding upwards and beating out your closest competitors. You do not have to restrict yourself to the following five SEO techniques, but starting with at least this many can have a tremendous impact on the popularity of your site. To get started with search engine optimization, give at least two or three of the following a try.

SEO Technique 1: Optimize Your Site By Writing Naturally

There was a time when cramming keywords into a paragraph, regardless of how the finished content sounded, could help your site move up on results pages. Those days are long gone as search engines like Google have improved the way they index web pages. Search engines are far more intelligent today than they were ten or fifteen years ago. Along with combing for keywords, web crawlers will also review the relevancy and coherency of content.  Keyword stuffing can hurt your rank. As a matter of habit, always write naturally and include text that a real person would like to read on every web page.

SEO Technique 2: Add Keywords to All Anchor Text on Your Site

The anchor text found on your website is important because it guides visitors to other pages that you are directing traffic to. Today, choosing proper anchor text is very important. Always use a keyword either as the entire anchor text or as a part of it. Not only does this help the human reader know what to expect when clicking the link, it will improve the way web crawlers index your site.

SEO Technique 3: Focus on Quality Links Rather than Quantities of Links

Quality means a lot more than it once did. Many websites have focused on quantity over quality in the past. Today, having a better quality back link will carry far more weight than having multiple low quality links on your site. Quality means connecting to a reputable website. Search engines will place a higher value on a link to a site that has good standing and solid traffic. The link’s destination should also be relevant to the topic or goal of your website.

SEO Technique 4: Follow SEO Industry Developments and Major Search Engines

The more knowledge you have, the better! The search engine optimization industry is frequently changed and updated. It is important to be aware of those changes and know how they will impact your website. You may need to grow your site and make changes to improve and stay in line with best SEO practices.

SEO Technique 5: Have Your Website Analyzed by Professionals

You can do a lot by learning on your own and being diligent when it comes to SEO research. However it is difficult to top the benefits of having a professional review your website and provide a critique. Many firms and individual SEO professionals offer evaluations that can provide advice and suggestions to improve your website’s ranking. Many professionals offer this service without any further commitment so you can decide if you would like to purchase additional services or take action on your own.

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