picture of a man standing on the path to failure or successMany website owners want to purchase SEO services, but are not sure what exactly they are buying. Many different firms offer a variety of services. Having some idea about what your goals are and what services you need can help. The first step is learning about a few basic SEO services. Once you know what they are and how they can help your site thrive, you will be better equipped to discuss a project with a professional service.

SEO Site Analysis

A firm or professional offering quality SEO services will provide clients with an analysis of their website. This will help the client see where they could improve and areas that may need less work. An analysis will also help create a starting point to work from so that the client can see changes and how they impact the site’s ability to attract traffic. This is a very basic task, but it lays the groundwork for search engine optimization.

Keyword Analysis and Research

A firm offering the full spectrum of SEO services will provide clients with keyword analysis and research. To do this, the specialist will review keywords for your industry and find the most relevant, effective terms. Using the right keywords is extremely important for SEO services to work. The keywords will determine when and where the site appears to a potential visitor browsing the internet. The website owner wants the URL to show up for visitors that actually want to see the site’s content. Drawing in all traffic can stretch the site’s resources thin and return fewer actual purchases or return visitors.

Article Marketing Services

Article marketing is one of the most popular of SEO services. This task is performed by using articles that are keyword rich, to draw attention to the website being optimized. The best approach is to add articles that contain quality rather than just keywords, that way they attract both web crawlers and actual people to the site. Articles can be posted on the website, but they are usually also sent to article databases and relevant resources. This allows them to provide information and invite the reader to stop by the website they are promoting for more information or assistance. This is usually done subtly so the reader is encouraged to click through to the website.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is done by coming up with a list of primary and secondary keywords and laying out the way they should relate to one another on the website. The main keywords should be included on the homepage. It is possible to include additional keywords but make sure they are not saturating the content so it is not coherent or ruins the natural flow of sentences. Keywords can help the site creator or SEO services specialist determine where to place each page in relation to one another. This also ensures that various keywords are targeted to draw traffic in using multiple avenues. Each keyword could be viewed as a single avenue leading to the content on your website.