picture of seo basic servicesIt can be hard to come up with one definition for all SEO services. Some companies need more options than others. If you are searching for basic SEO services, then it is important to understand the various areas on your website and how they pertain to SEO.  Putting together the right SEO services that suit your needs can make a huge difference in your website’s ability draw in traffic. The first step is understanding what basic SEO services are, where they happen, and how they can help your site’s standing.

On Page SEO Services

On page refers to SEO services that are visible on your website. These will include elements that are seen by your visitors. For example, website content is one big on page item that must be considered. Your content should offer a good value to the reader, but also include keywords. Layout is also important and a firm or professional offering quality SEO services will know the best approach to content placement. For example, shorter paragraphs and headers should be used instead of one big page of text. Working keywords into the headers is also a plus.

Other on page elements includes your URL, domain name, and title tag. Each of these should also include relevant keywords in a way that makes sense. Cramming keywords in for web crawlers to catch will only deter human readers from coming back or recommending your website.

Off Page or Back End SEO Services

Not all SEO services are visible to the regular visitor. Some of these are lurking on the back end and work with search engines to determine your website’s search result ranking. These include links to and from your website. When you link to a website, you are essentially associating your website with that one. Make sure your links are relevant and travel to reliable websites that will improve your ranking. A professional can offer SEO services that cover linking so you do not have to worry about putting in the time to scrutinize other websites that are associated with yours.