Many website owners are reluctant to hire a search engine optimization service. They are worried about working with unreliable individuals or paying too much for the service. There are a number of ways to locate reliable agencies and individuals that offer quality service that works. If you are not sure where to begin looking, consider the following places to get your search started.

A Keyword Search for SEO Companies

Any search engine optimization service knows the importance of good keywords and their proper usage. Visit Google and enter SEO or search engine optimization into the search field then see who appears. You will most likely notice a number of companies offering related services. Try the first few and see what their rates and portfolios look like. This is a good way to start when you have no other resources for finding a professional. If you are hiring a professional then they must obviously be capable of implementing the same service for their own websites!

Word of Mouth Can Really Pay Off

Do you know other website owners who have paid for a search engine optimization service? If so, then you may have a very valuable resource that few others have. Ask the individual about the service they received and whether or not they were happy with it. Find out who they hired and why they liked or disliked them. If they provide a rave review for the search engine optimization service, then you can safely assume the same company may be a good bet for your website or blog. On the other hand, if the individual was dissatisfied, then you know who to avoid while searching for an SEO company. Talking to someone you know about their own experiences can help you get honest insight that will go far in helping you choose the right company.

Try Freelance Websites to Find Professionals

There are numerous freelance style websites out there that allow professionals to create profiles and submit proposals on jobs. Although hiring someone form one of these websites does not guarantee that the individual will provide quality work, it can help you make an informed decision.  These websites usually maintain a list of feedback received by the professional posted by those who hired him or her. You can review this information and use it to help you make a decision about which search engine optimization service you go with. These websites also often provide some measure of security that can lower the risk of working with someone over the internet

Search for a Local Professional

You may prefer to work with a local professional. If so, you may need to begin your search using a location based search. Some companies may be listed in the phone book, but it is safe to say that any good search engine optimization service should have a website or some kind of online business card that can be easily found. Visit Google again and perform a search of Google Maps using a location and SEO keywords. This is an easy way to see if there is a search engine optimization service operating in your geographical area.

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