Picture of a man holding a board with the sayings google adwords, facebook and bing on it.If you search for “online advertising South Africa,” you will see a number of results focused on this region. Using local SEO techniques is vital when you operate in a specific geographic area. No matter how small or large your service area may be, you need to make sure that your business shows up when internet users search for a product or service that matches yours within your region. Although it doesn’t hurt to exclude the geographic region in your keywords, you will receive a great deal of traffic from visitors who cannot utilize your company or product. In the end, this only uses up bandwidth and doesn’t get you the results you need. Let local SEO help your South African business grow, starting with new customers already living in your service area.

Improve the Quality of Traffic Instead of Quantity

Quality is always important when it comes to bringing in new traffic. Quality refers to the way the unique visitor matches your demographic. For example, if you sell men’s shoes then you do not want to use keywords that cater to children. You may bring in many parents and children, but this will not bring in your main demographic. There is the possibility that a parent might want to purchase a pair of men’s shoes, but the chances are much lower since they were seeking out children’s shoes to begin with.

The same idea applies to local SEO. You can throw a popular keyword out there and get plenty of hits. However are any of those hits within your service area? How many local consumers are you missing by not adding a geographic location to your keywords? Many consumers are not willing to wade through a sea of results for “car repair” when they actually need car repair in Cape Town or Durban.

Use Your Advertising Funds More Efficiently

Each time you run an online advertising campaign for your South Africa business, you have to invest some amount of money. Depending on the method and length of the campaign, this amount will vary. In every case, your end goal should be to generate interest from warm leads, or people who are more likely to make a purchase with your company. Local SEO will allow you to target consumers in South Africa that are searching for your product or service. This can lead to a larger return on each dollar spent on advertising.

Firmly Establish Your Company within Your Market

Every business owner wants to make their company the preferred choice for consumers in their service area. Local SEO will make your company much easier to find, which will give you a much-needed leg up on the competition. If you can be found quickly, then you will be more likely to be considered when it comes time to make a purchase. More traffic also gives you more opportunities to share valuable content that will entice South African consumers to make a purchase.