picture of seo consultants climbing a ladderIt seems like everyone and their brother wants to hire an SEO consultant for their website. There are many experienced professionals out there, but along with those are fly by night companies looking to make a quick buck.  Before committing your hard earned marketing money to a specific company or individual, make sure you are choosing a professional that will deliver. There are a few things you should look for before hiring an SEO consultant for your website.

Check Basic SEO Knowledge

They are the professional, and they should know how search engine optimization works, right? Although you are hiring a professional to help you, it doesn’t hurt to gather a little information yourself. Find out how keyword analysis works and the best practices for improving search result ranking. You do not have to delve too deeply into the subject, but at least have a base line understanding. This will give you the ability to verify knowledge as you speak to a potential SEO consultant. It will also prepare you for the process so that you know what to expect from the professional you choose.

Look for Communication Problems

Do you feel comfortable communicating with your SEO consultant? You will have to be able to discuss expectations and what you hope to gain from being search engine optimized. If you have trouble reaching your SEO consultant, or simply feel uncomfortable with their attitude and response, this could be a red flag. Make sure the professional or company seems genuinely interested in working with you before giving them your money.

Review their SEO Track Record

Your SEO consultant should come with a proven track record. Their website may provide this information, with a portfolio of previous satisfied clients as well as details about their company and employees. Make sure they have the work experience to prove they know what they are doing. While a new company isn’t necessarily unreliable or ineffective, all of these things should be considered before choosing an SEO consultant.

Take a Look at the SEO Consultant’s Rankings

Improving a website’s page rank is a big part of what an SEO consultant does. That means their website should rank pretty well. Try searching for them using related terms, such as “SEO” or “SEO services.” See where they rank among the competition. This is also a good way to look for another potential SEO consultant to add to your list. Those who rank highest must be doing something right for their own websites, which also means they know how to do it right for yours.

Review the Whole Package

Much more than price should be considered when hiring an SEO consultant. Make sure you review the entire package. What services are offered, what work experience is being brought to the table, and what does their customer history look like? Reviewing all factors will give you a better perspective on whether or not a specific SEO consultant can meet or exceed your expectations.