picture of an arrow going up stairs towards a seo targetIn today’s fast paced online business climate, SEO marketing is a must. For a small business, start up, or non-profit organization, paying someone to search engine optimize your website may sound like an unnecessary expense. The reality is if you want to be competitive, you have to find ways to get better search result ranking and entice visitors to return to your website. That is where SEO marketing comes in to the equation.

SEO Marketing and the Search Engine

The first, and most commonly considered, side of SEO marketing is the search engine ranking aspect. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which naturally refers to the way a search engine locates and indexes a website. When implementing professional SEO marketing, a website uses all of its available resources to get attention from search engines for the right keywords. This includes through content, Meta tags, and site layout.  The way one sub page on a website relates to another can also have an influence on its ability to be indexed.

For a website owner, SEO marketing is extremely important to ensure that every part of their website is seen online. Keywords help determine when the site will show up in search engine results, which can ensure that the site ends up appearing in all the right places.

An Optimized Experience for the Human Visitor

SEO marketing isn’t entirely about the web crawler and search engine. It is also an important aspect of the human visitor’s experience. A professional website should include quality information that the visitor ill want to read. Content should be concise and provide a good value for the visitor’s time. When working with a business website, the content should provide information about the product or service and convince the visitor to make a purchase.

The way a quality SEO marketing firm does this is by making sure that content is not keyword stuffed. The content should also be relevant to the website’s target keyword. This is important because when the visitor stops by after finding the site using a specific search term, they expect to find content related to that term. The internet works quickly and it is vital that the visitor’s attention is grabbed right away, or within seconds they may be gone to another site or another search.  This can be done by providing quality content that is relevant to the search term they used to find the site.

SEO Marketing is an Investment

Although SEO marketing is an expense, it should be viewed as an investment. Every dollar spent on getting a website better page rank for the right search terms will pay the website back with more traffic that has the potential to turn into more paying customers. The increased exposure can mean a significant boost in profits for the company (or a boost in followers for an organization). One of the biggest mistakes a website owner can make is to neglect the value of good SEO marketing. If you are serious about your website, make sure it lives up to its fullest potential.